Dear current love-of-my-life,

We haven't spent much time together lately, and that makes me sad. In fact, it makes me want to cry.

I've had too much to do, and too many mornings of getting up way too early.

You are my guilty pleasure. You are my refuge from the world. And I love you for that.

I'm tired of never being with you. Exhausted from our separation. Delirious from your absence.

I know I've neglected you. You just stay there, in my room, with the covers messed up and the sheets wrinkled. Patiently waiting all day long for me to come crawl into you and just rest from the world.

Maybe tonight I'll come back to you, and make you more of a priority in my life. Because, my wonderful twin bed with tye-dyed sheets and way too much stuff shoved underneath, you deserve that. I deserve that.

Let's just stay in tonight and cuddle.


*So I have a relationship with inanimate objects. Sue me. At least it's a start.


Katya said...

dear laura,
i love you. please sleep tonight. :)

amanda and dave said...

haha, I love it. :)

pepper said...

i thought i was alone. maybe we should start a support group. girls in love with beds. gilwb.
x Pepper

njcrofts said...

I love this. So much. I feel the same way about my bed.