Yes, this is one of those posts...

Sometimes I dream of falling in love when it's cold outside. I always have.

Winter is the time of year when it's more than okay to be fair-skinned and rosy-cheeked. Winter is the time of year for remembering what and who is important. I know that's cliche, but I don't care.

Maybe love is sweeter in the winter because our noses can be red together, and I'll have his hand for a glove.

We can kiss with hot chocolate on our breath and Christmas in the air.

I'll catch snowflakes on my eyelashes and he'll catch me in his arms when I slip on the ice.

We can live the lyrics of Christmas songs and movies like "While You Were Sleeping" and make some memories of our own.

We can make our own peace on Earth.

I say, if we can find each other through the stormy months of winter, our love can last through all the less-than-sunny days we are sure to have.


Josh said...

It always makes me so sad when I don't have a loved one during the Fall -> Winter months. I love this time of the year. Someone to enjoy the changing colors with. Someone to help keep warm. Someone to slip, and slide through the crazy weather. It's magical. Though... I don't think I've ever had a girl during this time of the year... what's with that?!

Nice post Ms. Laura. ;) Miss you...

Niki said...

So true and beautifully written!

Katya said...

oh my laura, you are such a fabulous writer. love this post.

dramaspice said...

Love you :)