Well well well..This week went by fairly fast, considering it was a 2 day school week. Gotta love those. The 5 day weekend is going by fast too though, which is a bummer. Wednesday night at Katelyn's was lots of fun. I had to get up really early today though. Kids from my church went and put up flags at the VA, since it's Veteran's Day. Even though it was at 6:30 in the morning, we still had fun. And we got donuts afterwards. I'm not sure if I'm goin to the playoff game at RHS tonight. I might go to the Glide one instead w/Kortney. Or I might stay home and read my history book considering I'm sposed to read until at least 372 by monday and I'm on 180. Yeeeahh..lol. It's a good book though. I don't have dance today, which is nice. We decided to take the weekend off, and I'm glad. But I kind of wish we still had tango, because Marshall wasn't there on Wednesday and we still need to practice. I think ballroom dancing is my favorite style of dance. The tango class has been a blast so far, and any time that I've done swing or latin it's been really fun. Well this one's pretty short...as are most of my posts. lol. ttfn -L:)

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