Happy Turkey Day tomorrow!

Hey everyone. Sarah's house last night was super fun! I love Disney movies:). Aladdin's probably my favorite, but Little Mermaid is good too..except conner kinda ruined it. lol just kidding. Anyway...I love parties at Sarah's. After all the guys left it was fun, we went in the hot tub and watched TV:D It was me, Laura, sarah, em, rachel, jenny, talana and angela. I agree w/ Laura, yay for friends! Then this morning Laura and I went to Henry's for a donut run:D. Yum! and Chocolate milk:D. Then we watched some more disney movies:D. yay..happy turkey day to everyone! Eat food! peace-LC

Shout outs:
~Everybody at the party last night, you guys are awesome:D Luv you all!
~LL cuz she's like one of the 2 people taht read this lol. We're always so hyper when we're together.
~Guy friends that crack me up:D


Anonymous said...

yay i was mentioned! (sorry it took so long to comment,i havent really been updating much or reading yours frequently bc my comp died...)

sarahs house was a blast! :)

oh.. lion kings better & you know it!

Laura Loo said...

woohoo! that "0 comments" was just staring me in the face lol. Hmm lion kings pretty good I guess;)

Anonymous said...

hehehe :)

dm said...

what up, cool cat?

Laura Loo said...

Not much....uh..sweet...stallion? yeah that one didn't quite work out as planned..oh well