Randomnity..no I did NOT mean randomNESS....p.s. COME TO MY RECITAL 7pm at UCC and I will LOVE you forever!

Aloha all!
Well I need to update but I dont know what to write about. My dance recital is tomorrow. I'm excited but kind of sad too. I'll end up missing dance over the summer. Except Rickett's will be fun:D. hmm...I went to Norissa's dance recital w/Laura L tonight. It was fun..Watching other people dance always gets me in the mood again and makes me um..I guess more motivated to dance. I know I'm going to miss dance a ton when I get to college..I'll prolly still keep dancing (hopefully!) but it won't be the same without all our dancer buddies. I really want to learn how to ballroom dance. Man that'd be awesome. Latin dancing is definitely the best. I know a little bit of a lot of different kinds of ballroom (salsa, merengue, swing, waltz, polka, foxtrot) but I just know the basics and a few cool lifts/dips. Yeah anyway...enough about that.
Boys are once again confusing me. Typical for me. But just to vent about a few select things:
A) There are a few boys I might like, but idk and I hate liking more than one guy at a time.
B) There is a boy I haven't seen in a long time that I miss a lot. He's a pretty close guy friend and we need to hang out more. But he has work and stuff. Hopefully, come summer, we'll have more time:D.
C) I hate the way I am around guys sometimes...I'm either too shy or too giggly, or too annoying or something. I'm not one of those girls that's just carefree and confident and can walk up and be all cute and stuff..grr.. I close in and get shy.
D) I hate how un-athletic I am. I can't even catch a fetchin football. I feel like a wimp and a priss.

Alright enough venting. I'm really not a depressed person..I'm very happy and I love life..I just get self-conscious really easily and I worry WAY too much about how I look and what other people think. I'm workin on it. I miss all my buddies from last year..Nate and I decided we need to have a "bash" haha w/all our buddies from last year:D. Well I'm out. -peace:)-


farfromcompton said...

No worries about the football thing at least you got on the field and didn't just walk the track like some other red head and her little friend. Hmm maybe I should post in my blog. boy im bored. Later

Laura Loo said...

lol yeah..but I ran away from the ball every time it came near me lol. oh well..so I'm a wimp..meh.

farfromcompton said...

i cant remember did sarah and jenny play?

Diana Martínez said...

Hey Laura. It's 11:01pm, I got done with my book report and I can't sleep so I thought I'd check out your blog. You rocked your dance recital, it was badass.

Anyway, how many times do I have to tell you you are AWESOME?? Seriously, you are ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous and fun and smart and any guy would be crazy not to appreciate that. Some of us wish we had but a mere speck of your gorgeousness or fun-ness or anything-ness!

Stop being so self-conscious cuz YOU need not to worry about how you look or what others think of you. We all love ya bud!