Well Mall here's your post.

I was told, no COMMANDED, to post...NOW! by Mally X. Well it's not exactly "now", but tough cookies. Anyway..blah blah blah..boys confuse me, blah blah blah I don't like school, blah blah blah what else to say. Hmm maybe we'll make a list. I think I shall title it:

Just a few things that our generation needs to be better at:
1. We need to not associate the color purple or the rainbow with homosexuality. Frankly I like rainbows AND the color purple and I think I should be able to wear them freely without stupid comments from retarded guys.
2. Boys need to be more charming. Girls aren't THAT intimidating and most of them would like a date once in a while. I've been told that feminism ruined the chivalry era and that saddens me. Why can't we have both?
3. The fashions of our generation are beyond me. Whatever happened to clothes? You know, shirts, pants, those things that you wear to keep you from freezing to death. Apparently they are out of style and the "cool" thing to do is to paste random bits of fabric to cover just enough to not get charged with indecent exposure. (okay maybe that's going a little bit too far but I see way too many girls showing off way too much at school lol.)
4. On a fashion note, boys need to realize that most girls don't go for the "pants-are-so-low-they're-about-to-fall-off" trend. I don't mean that guys should go for the Steve Erkle look either..cuz that didn't work out so well for him either, but there is such a thing as a happy medium. And even though guys hate it.. they always look cuter when they're dressed up a little.
5. Extreme PDAs are just gross. Period.
6. Reality TV has been SOO overdone.
7. TV in general has gone way downhill. Yes, there are still a few good shows (except when retarded people decide to cancel the good ones like Joan of Arcadia and American Dreams because they don't have enough filth in them.)
8. There are way too many teen mothers. It's very sad. They get younger and younger. Think about it.
9. Too many kids drink, smoke etc. I'm wondering where they get the money. I can probably think of about 100 other places that money could go to, to be spent in a much better way.
10. And lastly, there is no ice cream truck route that currently goes through my neighborhood. Personally, I think that's terrible. What is the world coming to?

Haha sorry I had to end on a happy note.. Anyway my point is that all those things are preventable. If we stop watching stupid TV shows, they get bad reviews and they are canceled. At the very least we dont sit through an hour of garbage. Maybe next year at prom we can hand out Lollipops instead of garters. haha just a thought. alright I'm out -peace:D-


Mallorie said...

Laura Z (ahioliulijie eeka!),
Great list, girl! I agree with most of the things on here. I too was a little weirded out by the fact that they handed out garters at prom. What did our administrators expect us to be doing afterwards? Hmmm. I bet a lot of people did. Perhaps a teenaged girl sadly became a mother that night. Who knows? Not I. Anyway...

Mally X (Ha!)

laurleo said...

Too bad you're wrong. There IS an ice cream truck that comes through our neighborhood :) LL

Laura Loo said...

what? well I Guess the ice cream man doesn't like me or something cuz I'm never home when it comes. Well I guess we'll just have to walk to the store this summer and get tan haha (or try to!)

Mally X!-yeah I was creeped out by the garters, Jayce was just like uh...and put them in his pocket. lol. I should've used it as a scrunchie.. I can see that being cute hehe