Stupid Research Paper

Yeah so I'm up still it's precisely 10:33 which isn't too late for a saturday night..but I'm wasting it. I am attempting to multitask by chatting on MSN looking up stuff on Google, and trying to do my research paper for english too. Grrr. and the most important one (my research paper) is not getting done. I'm having writer's block or something. Idk but I have absolutely no motivation to finish this. So I figured I'd blog a bit and vent about how much I hate research papers. Let's make a list.

Why Research Papers are Annoying and Hard:
1. You have to decide on a topic
2. You actually have to make an effort and research your topic.
3. There is always a minimum amount of pages and I always seem to finish 1/2 a page too soon.
4. If you get sick of your topic you're either stuck or you have to start from scratch.
5. Bibliographies are a nuisance.
6. It's a pain to keep all your note cards straight and organized.
7. Parenthetical citations are the enemy.

Well that's enough venting. Actually my topic for my research paper is pretty interesting I just dont know how to organize my thoughts very well. My topic is "The effects of Chocolate on Women"..Basically I wanted an excuse to eat chocolate and to make myself feel better for gulping down chocolate milk like water. haha. But yeah..hopefully my paper will turn out alright..speaking of that I should probably get back to it and actually work.. well ta ta for now! Peace:)

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