Mally X is my Hero!

Hello there. So yes this is my blog as you've probably realized and you might be wondering who Mally X is. well she's my inspiration for blogging. haha. She's a champ and her blog is definitely one of the funniest. so there Mally X you're my hero!. Anyway..yeah so idk how much I'll be using this or if I'll even keep it but for now it's gonna be fun. hehe. So heres where you, the reader, comes in. A) if you are my friend and you know me well, then you will remember good times and laugh at the funny stuff I have to say. if B) you know who I am but dont knwo me very well, than you can get to know me better and we can become kindred spirits (haha anne of green gables, dont know why I pulled her into this) or C) you dont know me at all, dont even know who I am then GET AWAY creepo!!! definitely not kidding about that last one. One of the reasons I delayed getting a blog was because of the whole idea that you never know who's reading it and anyone can find out information about you. Well this isn't very long but hope you enjoyed lol. Peace:)

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laurleo said...

Hey Laura!! Whoa! you inspired to me to make a blog.... I still have my livejournal, but dont update it much.. if you want to be really bored come read it! :)

love laura! :)