Gosh I hate computers sometimes

Well I was in the middle of writing a lil post about how Cartoon characters can most definitely be gorgeous and on accident I closed the box because my computer was freaking out. So now it's floating around in cyberspace somewhere, and I'm too lazy to write it all out again. Anyway...My main point was that Hercules and Aladdin are definitely hotties and how I wish real life was like disney movies. I mean in Sleeping Beauty at the end how her dress changes colors. How cool is that? Way cool. And Little Mermaid is one of the most romantic movies ever (see Love Song of the Week). I'm so making my future husband watch that. Even before we have kids. lol. Except I have to cover my eyes in the part at the end where Ursula gets HUGE...it still scares me. haha. Oh that got me thinkin I think I'll make a list:

Ten Songs I want to play at My Wedding Reception (in no specific order).
1. From This Moment On-Shania Twain
2. Kiss The Girl-Little Mermaid
3. I'll Be There-Jackson 5
4. God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You-N'sync
5. All My Life-KC and JoJo
6. My Girl-The Temptations
7. I Will Always Love You-Whitney Houston
8. Unforgettable-Nat King Cole
9. Can't Take My Eyes off of You-Frankie Valli
10. Twist and Shout-The Beatles (just for fun:D)

haha that was kinda fun. Those are all great songs:D Well have fun, be safe, and dance! -peace-:D


Anonymous said...

well laura im going to have to disagree with you. I think that John Smith off of Pocahontas should be in your list. You see with the ones u said were hunks i dont think u had any blonde haired guys in there did you? or is hercules blonde?? i donno i havent seen it sadly enough :( But cartoons are def. the best. last night i had a major sugar high because i ate like fifteen otter pops in a like 5 min period so now i should be way fat lol but anyway s i was watching smurfs and it was way cool...well i shoudl go I LOVE YOU LAURITO!

Laura Loo said...

oh I totally missed John Smith! Lo Siento! Yeah he's definitely a babe. I think I'll make a list of hot cartoon Characters too:D Otter Pops are the BEST!! sweet...well we'll have to watch hercules sometime:D

Mallorie said...

Okay, you definitely have to play "The Way You Look Tonight" at your wedding too. That is my number one favorite love song! It's soooo romantic, as are Disney movies. Also, that one song ("I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more, just to be the man who walked 1000 miles to fall down at your door") should be played. It's awesome!

Laura Loo said...

The Way you look tonight..aww it's so cute when they play that on My Best Friend's Wedding. Too bad the guy is gay:(.

Diana Martínez said...

Well what about Simba? True, he is in fact a lion AND a cartoon. But if I were a lioness I would definately go for Simba. Anyway, I agree Aladdin...definately a hottie. Hercules, hmm not a big fan of the chin. Who else? hmm Tuxedo Mask off of Sailor Moon was definately hot. Well I thought I'd mention those two. Hope you had a good weekend!

Diana Martínez said...

Well I thought I'd comment AGAIN on Laura's thing just cuz I am bored out of MY MIND!! I have been on and off the computer. I just ate a thing of ice cream. Sat outside, got a tan, read the chosen, emailed some folks...anyway, not that you cared about any of those things. But yeah laura definately rocks at spanish...yes she does, yes she does. estas aprendiendo muy bien y muy rapido no te preocupes laura las cosas no vienen faciles pero vienen si esque deveras las quieres. Well let's see if you can figure that one out. anyways, cookies & cream ice cream makes me burp. ew! well i think this is a long enough comment. yes i do, yes i do. wowy dowy (ninth grade flashback) well why dont i make like a playground and slide. (copyright goes to emily sherlock for the use of that wicked expression) - the mexican

Laura Loo said...

haha thanks banana for the comment:D Me gusta cuando personas "comment" en my blogo (hehe) yeah cookies n cream is yummy. Well I drove through winston today cuz we went to the coast. It's a very exciting town..pretty small I mean if you blink you might miss it (my dad says that all the time.) but it seems pretty cool.

Diana Martínez said...

HAHAHAHA if you blink you might miss it... well I don't know why that cracked me up soo much. Anyway, thanks for haber comentado en mi blogo...lol. Love ya bud. Gb peace