Random Tangent

Okay, so people think I'm weird..but I definitely had a thing for Hercules and Aladdin when I was little..Some people just dont understand that. They're like "What? They're CARTOONS!". So? how can you look at Aladdin and not swoon I mean come on? lol. Yeah and Michaelangelo is definitely the hot Ninja Turtle..I dont care what you guys think. ;) Well maybe not hot but he's definitely the funniest one. "Rafael is cool but crude, Micaelangelo is a party dude..." I wish real life was like Disney movies. The girl is always beautiful and sweet and she always gets the guy of her dreams. The guy is gorgeous, charming and a gentleman and doesn't care even if she is in rags or lives with 7 other little men. hehe.

Whoa! kay in my last post I said my comp lost one of my previous almost posts cuz I accidentally closed the box. Well this is it. I magically found it. That was creepy. Anyway. ...John Smith from Pocahontas is definitely a babe too.. (there ya go bleighquito:D) alright -peace-:D


Mallorie said...

Hey, do you know who is a REALLY hot cartoon character? Dimitri from "Anastasia." Watch the film and be amazed at his perfection.

Laura Loo said...

Yeah he's definitely a babe!! I love that movie. Except I always get creeped out at the parts w/Rasputin cuz he's like falling apart. And Eric from the Little Mermaid is pretty studly as well.