Me gusta mucho espanol y quiero aprender como hablar el perfecto<---many mistakes I'm sure Diana ..lo siento

Hello All,
Well after hearing Mallorie's joyous triumph in the Love department, I was feeling semi-bummed about my lack of/confusing love life. Idk it always seems to be that I like a guy and a guy likes me ...but it's not usually the same guy..lol. So I dont know what to do. Anyway...so that's the current situation. Here's how it goes (flows, mows, shows..rhyming is fun:D): There are two guys I might like. We'll call them Boy Q and Boy R (yeah that's right who says I have to name them A and B cuz that's what you were expecting eh? EH?!) Anyway..Boy Q is a decent, sweet, funny, tall boy w/awesome curly hair....but he's VERY busy (w/work, sports etc.)...hopefully summer will change that. The other, Boy R is awesome too. Plays many instruments including guitar (Oh my goodness...if there is anything that makes me faint it's guys that play guitar...especially when they play sweet, mellow songs. anyway just so you k now that wasn't a particular experience just in general..I'm a sucker for musicians.) Anyway...Boy R is really cool but he's also like a year younger than me..which stinks because I don't usually like guys that are younger than me. Hmm...so you can probably sense my dilemma. (as you can probably tell "dilemma" is one of my favorite words. a) because most of the time it perfectly describes the situation at hand and b) because it has two "m's" for TWICE the fun:D Yesh! (yes I meant to put the "h" there) well I think that's enough moaning about my love life. It's not as big of a deal as I made it sound. It's fun to make things seem worse than they are because then when you really think about them, surprise! they seem better...well at least better than the exaggerated version (if that makes any sense whatsoever.) I'm also a big fan of compound words like whatsoever, whosoever, and therefore. But yeah I'm going to STOP (in the name of LOVE...wowy dowy! (diana and me) REALLY Corny pun there! good one laura) wow I got parentheses inside of parentheses...that's intense.. haha laura ParenTHEsis! the way we said it in math..lol anyway...I'm not really in a rush to get into a high school relationship..most of them seem to consist of meeting between class periods to have physical contact(hugs holding hands, groping and making out under the commons lol ignoring the people puking over the top of the commons at the sight of yourself) for the few minutes before next period. lol ok that's a major Hyperbole but still..PDAs are definitely not my thing. I'm tempted to take brady's advice and hand out condoms to the next couple I see having a tonsol hockey tournament in the quad. Anyway...I'm done..this one was really long...alright well peace:) -Lonely Laura...haha;)


laurleo said...

ParanTHESIS... hah.. how did that come up anyways?

Anonymous said...

If you would hand out condoms a lot of people would appreciate it.