Well Yes.. I feel obligated to post about prom since I am lowly sophmore but I still went. It was lots of fun. That same day I had to go to my dance studio and take dance pictures for 3 hours..that was not fun. then I went home and got ready, trying desperately to find something to do with my hair. I decided on putting it half back and kind of to one side with chopsticks. It was cute. My dress was gorgeous (not to brag). My mom made it. It was Mandarin style and black and silky and I had really cute high shoes that are my mom's but my mom has great fashion sense so I share shoes with her. Sorry I felt the need for a run-on sentence. Haha. Yeah Then Rodger and Jayce picked me up. (Liz, Rodger's date and girlfriend, wasn't ready yet. ) So we headed to Jayce's for a SCRUMPTIOUS (idk if I spelled that right) dinner of steak, baked potatoes (I'm not a big potato fan but they were really good) and yummy chocolate mousse cake/pie, made by some of the parents of people in our "posse." There were a lot of us there. Then we went to prom which was pretty much a typical high school dance. Lame Music, way too many people in a small space and it was pretty toasty. They played a few good songs like Twist and Shout (Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Great Movie!!) and a swing one. Then we went back to Jayce's..changed into some normal clothes and made s'mores at our little campfire..Then we played on the tire swing too.. I got home about 2:15 haha but it was great.:D Then Diana stayed the night and we went to church the next day:D It was fun. Well i'm done for now. ttyl ..peace:) Laura

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Diana Martínez said...

hey, so you felt obligated about posting a little something on prom? you sophmore! lol. Anyways yeah you looked gorgeous at prom thought I'd point that out. Church was fun and your lil bro is funny. Hmm well I'm bored bored boridy bored. I'm gonna go eat or stare at my Yoda picture or something. Peace