Have a Happy Half Day!

Well personally I think Happy Half Day sounds better than Happy Early Release Day. It just doesn't have the same ring to it lol. I like only having math for 30 min. except that tomorrow we have a big 100 pt test! yikes! I'm definitely studying for that one. I really want an A for quarter so I can't get an A for Semester. Anywho..So right after school I drove myself (haha I still get a kick out of that) to Fred Meyer's (well Fred Meyer as my mom always corrects me.) Anyway..I went there last night too lol but I saw these Hot pink Hi top converse on sale for $21! so yeah If i'd had 21 dollars last night instead of like 10 I would've gotten them but I had wait until today. So I found my size and hid them hehe. Sneaky sneaky laura. Yeah and I went back today and got them and they are cute and I love them..:D I have red ones but they are slip on and they kind of hurt my feet. And Yeah I know that a lot of other people have pink cons but they prolly didn't get as AWESOME of a deal as me HEHE so muahahaha! Well I was excited about that.
Now plans for the rest of the day:
-Clean my room, do homework, laundry. Fun exciting stuff I now have time for:D
-Dance @ 3 until 5
-Assistant Teach from 5:20 until 6:45ish.
-Scarf down some chow before Mutual (church youth group) at 7. more like 7:10 I'm always late.
-After mutual go home and finish any last minute homework and what not.

Well that's my exciting day. Wednesdays are always my busiest day cuz I go to seminary (church class thing) in the morning at 6:40 and then school...then dance..then "Work" (assisting w/dance classes) then Mutual then home and attempt to do homework while I practically fall asleep hehe. Well ta ta for now! Peace :) -Laura
P.S. I love commments!! except I dont like rude ones like the anonymous person on Mally X's blog hehe.

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