So close to Friday it's scary....heehee

Hey everybody. Well this week was moderately exciting...Got to see 2 guys duel off in a pudding bobbing contest...that was pretty fun haha. Heard all about the Star wars midnight premier..sounded like fun. wish I coulda gone .ah oh well. Prom is this weekend. I'm excited...My dress is almost done hehe...but it will be gorgeous (hopefully!). We're all goin in a big group. Stormin Mormons haha just kidding. but yeah the guys have something planned..so I'm sure we'll have a good time. The Assembly today about Prom was less than touching. Idk it just seems like the people had good intentions but I dont know how much good it will do. I highly doubt that the kids that were planning on getting plastered are really going to change their minds..but if a few of them do and decide not to drink or at least not to drink and drive then I guess it's worth it. I'll still prolly be scared to be on the road knowing there are lousy drivers that are even stupider when they're drunk. Yeah.
Hmm....what to talk about? I could always vent about my love life..haha that'd be thrilling. Short story:...boys are confusing, they are soo unclear about how they feel...and I always like guys that are too busy, too old or too young. Geez...the guy(s) I like are so not forward...and I'm definitely not a first move kinda girl....eh oh well High school relationships rarely work out anyway.. Well I'm gonna go...sorrythis waskind of a lame post oh well. and my typing def. stunk today. alright well peace:) Laura


Anonymous said...

So your dress is almost done?

Anonymous said...

So, you can't find a guy?

Laura Loo said...

who are you this anonymous person? reveal yourself!