BAD day

Alright so I was going to type in pink, but there is no pink font. That depresses me even more and adds to the bad day that I've had. So basically, (mally x's word haha I like it, it's fun) here's what happened:

1. Go to school w/Laura Leonard at 7:00 to finish up our English project that we were both working on until the wee hours of the morning.

2. Get to English late because we were working on the project until approximately 7:49.

3. Get my research paper back for English and realize how much of an idiot I am and that I can't write worth beans. Feel a little depressed about myself.

4. Go to 2nd period. Choir. The easy carefree class right? With the sub that doesn't care what we do right? With no assignments because this year in choir has been heck with all the teachers we've had and drama/trauma we've had to go through right???? NO! We have to watch Amadeus which I personally don't like so far. And not only watch it, but take notes and tomorrow we have to write a one to two page paper on it. It's a stupid movie that makes Mozart look like and idiot with a crude mind and about the maturity of a 9th grade boy. (no offense to any freshman..there are exceptions.) At least that's what I got from it.

5. Go to Biology and work on my PowerPoint Presentation in the Tech Lab.. feel like even more of an IDIOT because Mia is almost done and I'm on my second slide. go laura...this day just keeps getting better.

6. Finally Lunch! Almuerzo! Time to socialize and relieve stress right? No time to almost get tripped by Kevin while trying to heat up my lasagna (my favorite food, by the way.) Anyway it wouldn't have been that big of a deal but I was already ticked off from the previous part of my day. I swear if Kevin had succeeded in tripping me and I had spilled my lasagna all over the floor, I would've either SLAPPED Kevin soo hard or burst into tears. But I went off on Kevin and told him NOT to mess with me. then everybody did the whole "whisper whisper laura's in a bad mood" thing.. I HATE that. grr!

7. Then I went to 4th per. which was wellness. Not too bad.

8. 5th per. was spanish. That was prolly the most fun period of the day. The guys in that class crack me up.. haha Nick, Adam, Kam, The Seans lol. Funny Fellas haha.

9. Math Math Math! I hate math with a PASSION! We spent the class reviewing for the final..I'm going to do bad on it. and hten I'll get ANOTHER B so I cna't even be salutatorian Joy. and I found out I have 4 missing assignments. Yeah that's always good.

Anyway it was a sucky day but I felt better after school. I went to Rite Aid w/my mom because she had to get some stuff. and I got an Aquafina cuz I was postitively parched. And then it started POURING outside...definitely my favorite kind of rain. I love just dancing around or playing in the rain and getting DRENCHED. Yeah I'm such an Oregon girl. Anyway..I feel a lot better after all that venting. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Ttyl peace:) -laura


Diana Martínez said...

I drew a cat for Bartlett today.

Laura Loo said...

haha was she mad in journalism about you callin her?
teehee that was quite fun.

laurleo said...

Hey Laura..
okay so that wasnt so cool that our whole class knew we were in the library working especially when we were like Dont tell Jackson! ergh. oh well :)
and OMGOSH math is soooo terrible!! at least you are be able to pull off B.. i'm shooting for a C ... today i got my missing assignment printout.. 9 baby! haha not as bad as niko or peter! score!
much love.. only a few more days left!
♥Laura L

Laura Loo said...

haha yeah poor petie.. I guess it's his fault though..the slacker.lol. Yeah it's so sad how many people in our class just don't try. I try...most of the time lol. I hope the final doesn't suck TOO bad. I'm definitely FILLING that "one page of notes" that Mr. Moll said we can have :D woohoo! 6 days! wow..

Diana Martínez said...

Yeah, Bartlett has been kind of upset with me. Today I had to stay after and work on my presentation and I stayed in her room. Yeah, she didn't seem to enjoy that very much. I think I'll bring her cookies or something tomorrow.