Well I know I haven't updated this thing in a while. I've been pretty busy lately. I know I always say that. Anyway. How is everyone doin? lol. (funny how I still pretend that more than just LL reads this) Oh well. So life has been goin pretty well lately. Friday night at Kortney's party was....amazing. Seriously one of the best parties that I've been to. I love meeting new people and hanging out with my friends and getting to know them better. So Kort's finally 16! and Clayton gave her the star....sooo soo sweet:D. As for boys in my life right now, let's just say no one's really catching my fancy. But I love my guy friends. They're awesome. and HILARIOUS! haha. The Taylor boys still crack me up. All the guys from the swing/tango class are great and all the guys at school that make me laugh are awesome. So my mom and I have been watching the show "Dancing with the Stars" It's way good. It's all ballroom dancing. I want to learn how to ballroom dance SO badly. It looks like so much fun. Hmm....someday. Tomorrow in Musical Theatre, this guy is coming to teach us how to salsa. It should be really fun. Britt and I are so excited. The snow trip on Saturday was pretty fun too. Katelyn and I had a blast:D. Hmm...well is anyone goin to the Dance at school this saturday? I'm prolly not. 10 bucks and school dances pretty much suck. lol. The mormon dance on the 25th will be way more fun. LL, you should definitely come this time.:D Well sorry this was kind of a random jumble of thoughts. I'm gonna go to bed now. good night & peace-LC

P.S. Diana left this week. We will all miss her so much. I hope that we can all take a road trip sometime and visit her. That would be AWESOME!! Good Luck Banana w/all you do. You're amazing and I love you! -papaya


Anonymous said...

I've never watched Dancing with the he Stars, but I've wanted to.. I guess I'll check it out sometime.. when's it on?

I'll call you tonight about what we were talking about :)

Anonymous said...

with the****


p.s. i saw your note in math

Laura Loo said...

Yay:D haha I was bored...and I member Diana and I used to leave notes on Mac's board all the time. Yeah we have to get the You-Know-What for You-Know-Who:D -LC

Anonymous said...

i think she'll like it

Diana Martínez said...


I guess if I ever have to get a hold of you to I will log on to www.loquaciouslaura.blogspot.com! Good idea, eh?

Anyway, sounds like you are takin' it easy Laura. That's good. Yes, I did leave. Now, I am in Mexico. :) Just re-estating the obvious.

Anyway, school has been interesting. I don't like it too much, but I guess it's fun nonetheless. I am really looking forward to college, but until then it will be a year and half of confusion.

Another thing I'm not too fond of is the fact that there are no cute guys in this town. There are a lot of cute guys in the city, but not here. It is quite dreadful really, but oh well. I guess I'll live.

So, the food is most definately great and I am probably what people would define as obese by now. Well, not really, but I am sure I have gained some weight. That's fine thought; I like food.

Well, I hope you have a great week at school. Have fun at that dance. Say hi to the folks that know me for me - :) - and take care.



P.S. You are sooo making a roadtrip!

Laura Loo said...

Diana! hey! yes a road trip will have to be taken! Oh gosh! I thought of you yesterday cuz I was heard "Volverte A Ver" by Juanes (which I definitely love that song now) And it made me think of you cuz you were the person to tell me about him anyway. Yeah. I'll bet the food is great. Oh Man. And it's prolly warm there too (well almost deff. it's mexico) it's been sunny here lately though..but still chilly. Yeah well that stinks that there are no cute guys there (like there are any in Roseburg either haha) You'll just have to go dancin in the city and find one for you. and one to send me in the mail..haha. Well I'll talk to you later. xoxo-LC

Diana Martínez said...


Yeah, so your blog wouldn't open on my computer for the longest time for some reason, but it did today!

Yeah, so I did find some cute guys. Well, two. Anyway, I only talk a lot to one of them. He is okay looking. He likes me too :) Always a plus! lol Just kidding.

Anyway, ROAD TRIP! Oh man, I cannot wait. You better. If not, then you should at least fly down here and that way I won't have to spend on postage to mail you a Mexican hottie from the city.

Hope everything is going well for you. I will talk to you later.




waltergonzo9901245470 said...
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you havent updated in over 2 months. i think im going to stop checking ;)