Technologically Challenged

So...I took some pretty sweet pictures on my phone today.

Problem is, I have NO IDEA how to get them OFF my phone, and INTO my computer.

Any brilliant ideas?

(I have an LG enV3, with Verizon)


Matt said...

Yeah, you could use bluetooth, but your computer has to have bluetooth. Or use a microsd card and adapter, which you would have to have too. I have access to both, if you don't mind waiting until you get back to Provo.

e said...

you can text/email them to yourself. just put your email address where the phone number would usually be and go wild.

lol most random comment.

brown eyed girl said...

thanks for the tips!

I think it costs money for me to use email on my phone, but I might just take you up on that offer, Matt. Thanks!

Bob Z. said...

or, there should have been a USB cable that came with your phone when you got it. At least, one came with mine and that's how I got photos off my phone.