you gotta spend some time, love; you gotta spend some time, with me.

The results are in:

"her morning elegance"-oren lavie: love this one. we're all fighting for our lives.

"turn to stone"-ingrid michaelson: oh ingrid. always a pleasure.

"skinny love"-bon iver: never heard this one before. and I really like it. it reminds me of the music on the garden state soundtrack.

"7:PM"-yann teirsen: so glad you mentioned this one, pepper! It's something I probably wouldn't have come across on my own and I am always in awe of beautiful string pieces.

"sweet disposition"-temper trap: really interesting sound, i like it. :)

"us"-regina spektor: found this one, or better, was reminded of this one from the 500 Days of Summer trailer. it's definitely a new favorite.

"maybe" -ingrid michaelson: once again, ingrid, you speak my heart. "Maybe" to me, is always so bittersweetly hopeful.

"attractions"-severe severe: I could only find a sample of this one, it wasn't even on youtube or playlist.com. But it sounds like something I might like. Any help?

"green spandex"-xavier rudd: I only perused this artist's website for a few minutes, but I liked what I heard. I didn't find this particular song though.

"one love"-bob marley: I really love the title of this one, and it's message.

"where I stood"-missy higgins: this song makes me think of freshman year in college. it's definitely a keeper.

So that's all, for now, my dears! Enjoy. And feel free to drop by and leave more music ideas, anytime. They are always welcome to my heart. :)


Niki said...

Glad you liked the 'One Love' song and message! :)

Here's 'Green Spandex'; it's a bit sad because it's about someone dieing...but it's beautiful! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-TZHOBzQek

Thanks for posting up all these songs too, I'm googling some of them now!

Matt said...

You may have inspired me to purchase another Ingrid CD. I'll have to give her a listen-to and make that decision later today.

Matt said...

Oh, and Death Cab = the man. In a good way.