Play me a song. It won't take long.

I love finding new music. And by new, I usually mean, new to me. I'll admit, I think it's kinda cool to know a few bands that are still sort of "underground." But I don't claim to be Indie, (although I have been called that before. I don't really claim to be anything at all.
But anyway, I have a proposition for you, my readers. (Yes. All of you.):

Play me a song. (in other words, leave a comment with the title & artist of a song you love.)
Tell me why you love it.

And I will listen. And maybe I will love it, too.

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Katya said...

"her morning elegance" by oren lavie. the music video is incredible and makes the song even that much more amazing. beautiful.
also, brand new find for me: "turn to stone" by ingrid michaelson. it has gorgeous piano parts and the ever spectacular ingrid singing. it's chill without being gloomy. love it. :) and love this post! i might have to do the same on my blog.

pepper said...

mm :)
at the moment i am loving
bon iver, skinny love; and yann teirsen, 7:PM- thats all i can think of now before my first cuppa of the day, but I'll def. be checking back to see what other people say and find some new tunes for me too!
x Pepper

amanda and dave said...

dude! I love new music. I'm totally digging "sweet disposition" by the temper trap"

I don't know anything else by them. But it's realllll good. From (500) days of summer.

new music is awesome! "us" by regina spektor is good, as is "maybe" by ingrid m


CAPow said...

"attractions" by severe severe

Niki said...

Regina Speaktor is always good, but I'm a massive blues fan too! Try anything by the John Butler Trio; Green Spandex by Xavier Rudd; and One Love by Bob Marley! :)


Micaela said...

this is such a great idea!! i may have to do the same thing, it's genius!!!

to me songs just totally heal and comfort the heart. Many a frustrated bf had to put up with me saying "give me a second" and i'd go to the bathroom/bedroom and sit there listening to coldplay or whatever song i loved at the moment and just listen.

so here's my song for you...

"Where I stood" by Missy Higgins. Lovely voice, and lovely piano in this one.

I was riding in the car with my current bf after the worse heartbreak i've ever known. i took this song as an absolute sign.

let me know what you think xo