I've been feeling very blue lately...

{...in the Color Code sense of the term.}

I am technically a yellow-blue.

But, in all honesty, it's pretty close to a tie.
And which facet of my personality or which motive is emphasized changes all the time.

Maybe it's that way because I think building relationships and just simply being with people, is fun.

what's your color?
find out here.


Matt said...

I'm a red / blue. Mostly red, but a good amount of blue, too. I really like that book...quality stuff.

Katya said...

I'm very much a white, with a bit of red. Kinda fun quiz, huh?

Josh said...

Katie's a red!? Wow.... yeah... I can totally see that. I find a bit more of red in her every day it seems. =S Not sure how I feel about that... That's it! I'm taking this test!!! Here I come COLOR CODE!!!!!!!!!!