i'm reed fish

I just watched this movie.

It was...kinda weird, and kinda confusing.

But I liked it.

Surprisingly surprising.

And I just might buy the soundtrack.
PS: I never posted about another really good movie I watched: Les Choristes (The Chorus). Really good French film about a boys' school and an unconventional teacher. Sort of like a French Dead Poet's Society. Which I watched the other day too. Love that movie. So much.


Katya said...

love, love, love "les choristes"! one of my favorite french films. i've never heard of "i'm reed fish" but the fact that rory is in it makes me want to rent it from hollywood real bad.

dramaspice said...

I also love Les Choristes :D I just bought it a couple months ago! We should make a list of movies we need to watch when I come home :) xoxo