and then I woke up.

I found him.

My dream guy.

Okay. So he just happens to be a movie star. And he just happens to always play the sensitive yet hilarious, scruffy-chinned yet classy kind of guy I always dream of dating. And I did just happen to watch Alex & Emma, where he is not only all of the above, but also, a brilliant novelist.

But last night we talked. About life. And love. And relationships. And how things can sometimes be so easy. And we were friends. Good ones. And I was hoping that it would become something more.

But, for once in my life, I was patient.

And then I woke up.
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Katya said...

now that is the kind of dream that'd make me want to fall right back asleep. :)

Bobby Z. said...

I've only had the "dream-girl" dream a couple of times, and I always woke up longing. It's a little annoying, actually. I wish I'd have another one soon :-)

dramaspice said...

So.. you should watch Home Fries. He's in that movie with Drew Barrymore. It was the first movie I'd seen him in and I definitely fell in love with him. Plus his name is Dorian in that movie and I really like that name :D

Micaela said...

he's great in "alex & emma." I even loved him in "The Family Stone."

these dreams are the worse when they are sooo real. i love this post!