It happened.

I'm FINALLY a full-fledged, no longer in training, recipient of tips, SERVER!!!

This is very exciting news for me.

Can't you tell?

Also. Today. Thursday. Was NOT terrible. (and believe me, I have had some very bad thursdays in my time).

A few things that made my thursday, slightly less than wonderful:

-weird comment from someone after I mentioned I go to college in Utah.

-my foot/ankle hurts.

-stress/sadness about how my schedule majorly conflicts with auditioning for a ballroom team next fall, and the *very slight possibility* of actually making it. Boo.

-I did not go work out. And I should have.


Katya said...

congratulations laura! that's awesome! i hope your scheduling works itself out...it'd be beyond awesome if you were on team next year. :)

dramaspice said...

You're a server!! :D That is so exciting!! I'm coming home and going to Anthony's and you can serve me! Cus you're a server :D I'm gonna call ya sometime very soon because we need to talk :) xoxo

Kellie Rachelle said...

Yay good job! Do you have class during 9 and 10 or something? That definitely is a problem. Feel better that you have a better chance of making it than me... I'll kinda be out of state :)