you are what what you eat eats.

~Some Random Thoughts from my Wednesday~

I really want to see this film. And this one, too.

I just spent 30 minutes learning about chocolate. here and here. thank you, wikipedia.

I think Bob Dylan is genius.

I want to be more creative with the three Rs.

I wish I could afford to only shop at farmers markets, independent businesses, and fair trade establishments.
I might go veg again.
Some of my favorite foreign films are in french, not spanish, (the language I've studied).
I tasted world-class cheese today. seriously. they have awards to prove it. Here.
And I tasted chocolate-covered BACON. Here.
I really wouldn't mind living in Oregon the rest of my life.
I love hanging out with my mom.
I miss the MOA cafe.
I am not very good at taking naps. especially in cars.
I was told on Monday that I'm flat-footed. By a doctor. Don't know how I feel about that.
I need a bigger memory card for my camera.
I have had the sudden urge to abandon my laptop for a typewriter.
I really need to eat more vegetables.
I can't wait to pick some Bing Cherries. Pit them. Dry them. And take them back to school.
I'm thinking up a good excuse to drive out to Lighthouse Center in Umpqua.
I really like grocery shopping. Especially at cute little *overpriced* stores.
Should I take HEPE 105 over the summer??
Should I compete open in the fall????
Should I buy a bike next year??
Now that I solved the scheduling problem....i'm stressing about ballroom auditions...:-O
really stressing.
and wishing there was more I could do...
That's all, for now.
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Bobby Z. said...

I really need to eat more vegetables too! Sometimes I feel like since I make my own food at home that I'm eating well, but then I realize that pasta is the staple food in practically everything I eat and it's really just a bunch of carbs!

Francesca said...

i love spending time with my mom, too! moms are great!! and, yes!! start being a veg again! i am one too! it is good for you and the environment!!

Josh said...

LAURA darling! It's been like... forever. I think I can concur with a bunch of your thoughts. So many choices and so little time. Let me think... which ones struck my fancy....?
I am as well, horrible at taking naps, love typewriters (miss snail mail), want to be more creative, stressing about ballroom (both my own and Katie's), and love seeing my Mom.
Yay for life!!!

Jayne said...

some truly wonderful thoughts, girl! :-) p.s. i've tagged you!

pepper said...

hi there
i like your blog very much :)

colby ranae said...

you are such a sweetie - and a dancer too! :) no wonder our hearts were in sync with that passage! hope you have the best weekend. thanks for stopping by!

Katya said...

i thoroughly enjoyed this post laura. in fact, i love all of your posts. they remind me of all the good little things in life. :) i am dying to see your red toms, holy cow. all of my favorite foreign films are french too...and chinese...randomly enough. i wish i could shop at farmer's markets all the time too...but alas, i am too poor.