music is poetry that gets stuck in your head

{I know, I know, I talk about music a lot. If that bores you, well, there is a little "x" in the top-right corner that can solve your problem ;)}

Life for the past few days:
~The Script has constantly been playing in my stereo
~Many-a-Regina Spektor video has been watched on youtube, including repeats of "real love (cover of John Lennon song)," "dance anthem of the 80's" and "samson."
~I really want to teach myself guitar.
~we listened to many-a-favorite Dave Matthews Band song closing the restaurant a few nights ago.
~I think that singing in the car is a wonderful alternative to commercials, or lousy sets on the radio. it is also an excellent atmosphere for lyrical and harmonical experimentation, because no one can laugh at the generally unorganized, sometimes flat, and often repetitive me. :)
[I realized today that I actually forgot some of the words to Sara Bareilles' song, "Between the Lines." I was surprised and sad for a minute, because it is such a beautiful song. And that song got my 19-year-old self through some rough days, it so perfectly articulated how I felt. But now it is kind of wonderful to know that chapter in my life is closed, and has been for a while. {This is not a recent development, but a recent realization of a continual truth.}]

It is so freeing to have to choose to remember. To move on, without those lyrics in the back of my mind.

and on a totally random, but completely necessary note:
Happy Independence Day, tomorrow!
I will be enjoying:
-an excellent firework show at a local high school's football field
-the night off, with my family
-something wonderful for dinner, because my mom will be making it:)
-and a star-spangled cake made by my darling 10-year old brother out of strawberry and vanilla cake, and blueberries.
photo via vi.sualize.us

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Jayne said...

i loooooooove the title of this post. i feel the exact same way.

oh! and you've won my little give-away! e-mail me with your address and i'll send some lovely music your way!