"you'll never look at dinner the same way"

I saw this on Monday at this funky funeral home-turned movie cinema called The Bijou in Eugene, (my mom already posted about it here). I haven't read as much about this subject as my mother has, so a lot of it was new information (though I would like to). I thought the movie was very well-done and interesting.

Although a lot of it focuses on the negative aspects of the way we eat and produce food, raising awareness, (which I feel is necessary and beneficial) it ended on a very positive note with this bright idea about the power of the consumer:

you can vote, three times a day.
you can change the world...with every bite.


Niki said...

You should read "The Ethics of What We Eat"! I think it might interest you, here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/Ethics-What-We-Eat-Choices/dp/1594866872

Meg Fee said...

i have to see this film. immediately. absolutely, right now. ps: the blog is looking awesome!!