Places I want to go/visit/live

-South America (I haven't decided where exactly yet, but I would love to experience Latin American culture firsthand, because I already feel such a connection to the Spanish language and the parts of the culture I am familiar with.)
-Cuba....mainly because of Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights...so maybe not current Cuba...but the Cuba of 40 years ago.
-New York City
-California...I've been there many times, and I believe I inherited a large amount of "California blood" from my mother, a beautiful, "beach-loving" California girl.
-Stars Hollow....somewhere like that.
-Denmark...preferably Copenhagen. My parents visited there and told me that it seemed very economical and efficient.
-South Africa
-Spain...wow Ican't believe I didn't think about that one until now.
-Okay, basically everywhere in Europe.

I want to go these places, live there for a time and learn the languages. The Ultimate Goal.


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