solitary soul

Things I love doing by myself*:

-watching movies
-shopping...because I can take my time
-getting lost in a used bookstore
-reading one of those used books, while drinking hot cocoa with a shot of hazelnut at a quaint little coffee shop.
-learning about the wonders (and not so pretty aspects) of mass transit

Next week I am going home for my friends' wedding (two friends from high school who are getting married to each other), and I get to explore the wonderful city of Portland.

I'm getting into the city in the morning, but I'm not meeting up with friends until afternoon or evening.

But, you see, I planned this.

I love exploring new places, and don't mind doing that by myself at all.
I fully plan on getting lost in Powell's City of Books for at least two hours.

After which, I will probably meander over to Mio Gelato for a bambino of donatella gelato.

I want to find a great place for lunch. I'm thinking maybe Indian food.

I'll probably spend some time at Oblation Papers & Press and Everyday Music.

But, most of all, I hope to find a new favorite place to visit when I go to Portland. A bakery, or restaurant, or record store.

And I hope to feel a bit more like a city girl, and a little bit more like a more grown up.

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*this is not to say that I don't enjoy doing these things with other people.


njcrofts said...

This is a beautiful plan that I fully approve of. I'll finally be in Portland again this week too! Love love love.

Josh said...

I love how I saw that you had an asterisk at the beginning so I scrolled all the way down to the end to see what it meant before reading. :)

Katya said...

powell's...oh my gosh, dying of jealousy here. enjoy it laura!!