remember to breathe

It's one o clock in the morning and I'm still up.

I feel an interesting mix of energized and overwhelmed.
I know that when my alarm goes off tomorrow morning (at the bright hour of 6), I'll wish I'd have gone to bed a little earlier.

But I was up talking to my best friend, what can you say?

There is still an Art History test to be studied for.
And some work to be done.
And a meal to be planned
And some clever lines of copy to be written.

Sometimes I wish I had a span of 48 hours to not sleep and just get things done. Check off the tasks on my to do list for the next week, so I could actually enjoy the fun things.

But, alas, 5 hour energies and cups of coffee are not really my style.

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Kenji said...

Hi there. First, I just want you to know that I`ve been reading your blog since August of something last year I think. Second, I thought i should let you know that you`re really good at doing this(writing a blog) and I love everything you write. When I`m down, I always look at your blog, read it even though I already read it before. I think you`re a very nice, talented, sweet lady. Third, I`m a guy and I`m 18. lol at the last part but just wanted you to know that I`m a guy and I love your blog so much.