In case you were wondering,


I don't believe in diet fads, 1200 calories a day, or ever being too shy to wear a swimsuit in the summer.
I don't believe in stuffing lunchboxes with twinkies, fruit by the foot, or gushers.
I don't believe in going into debt to buy a house bigger than we need, or a car we can't afford.
I don't believe in going to bed angry.

I do believe in eating well, and the way a kitchen makes a home.
I believe in apple slices and peanut butter, homemade chocolate chip cookies and turkey sandwiches on thick whole wheat bread.
I believe in saving pennies and doing without, but also rewarding ourselves for our hard work.
I believe in taking a plate of brownies to new neighbors and smiling at the mailman.
I believe in little league, ballet classes and parking lot pickup basketball games.
I believe in "goodbye"s closely followed by "I love you"s.

And don't worry, I believe in road trips with greasy fingers from french fries, and Happy Meal toys for the kids, and frozen pizza for lazy Friday nights (or Saturday morning breakfasts), and buying girl scout cookies from the 10 year old down the street and chocolate any time of day, and buying just about anything little kids sell at a roadside stand.

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