have a little faith

Right now, I'm learning a little about faith.
In myself, in others and in a loving God who has a plan for me.

Someone who knows the timing better than I do, and who can see the whole picture.

On a less dramatic note, in 11 days representatives from 14 ad agencies are coming to look at our portfolios and I get nauseated just thinking about that.

I'm really excited, but this just means I have to be ready to show my soul to them in advertising form and hope that they like it.

It's vulnerability to a degree that I have not yet experienced.

But I prefer this to stagnant growth any day.

Here's to the sweat and tears that will be spent over the next 11 days, putting my book through the refiner's fire.

And here's to having a little faith.

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Katya said...

So, I read this post like one minute after you posted it, and decided it would be borderline creepy if I commented on it right then...and then I saw your comment on my blog, and was like, I need to comment on that post!

You can do it Laura! I know those advertising reps will love you! Also, thanks again for organizing the roommate get-together. It was so, so good to see everyone, and it was exactly what I needed.

Good luck girl!