little snippets

Scrolling through my drafts folder and remembering how much I used to rely on this blog for a creative and emotional outlet. It's been a while since I've posted regularly, but it's interesting to read the thoughts of a 22-23-24-year old me.

Here's a little peek:

April 2013:
"More often than not, I spread my passion over many different things. I really like a lot of things and truly love few. But every so often, I am all in. When it really counts, I put all my eggs in one basket...I am a take me now, never give me back and let's make this work forever kind of girl."

May 2012:
"I want Sinatra in the kitchen
Baskets of leafy greens on the counter
A basil plant in the window"

January 2012:
"Ryan Innes' voice is incredible. He's like this big, unassuming teddy bear who knocks every girl's socks off when he opens his mouth and starts to sing."

November 2011:
"All she wanted to do was lean over and whisper all the things she couldn't say while he was awake."

October 2011:
"On days like these, at some point, it's absolutely necessary to disregard all responsibility, heat a pot of tomato soup and curl up with a good book or a black and white movie."

And to the Laura of October 2011, I hear ya. Amen, sister.

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