A few thoughts of the day:

-about a month ago, I realized my ward (the people I go to church with) rocks.
-i still hate the snow.
-i may or may not be unprepared for finals...however I will do such preparing over the weekend.
-i realized I love mustard on my sandwiches.
-my black sweatshirt from D.I. is my new favorite article of clothing.
-gilmore girls never gets old. ever.
-and on tuesday i am going to attempt to make samosas. wish me luck :)

image via deviantart


Josh said...

What in tarnation are samosas? And can I have some?! .... if they're good that is... and if they are even a food item... haha!

Kellie Rachelle said...

I can't wait to meet our ward!

kanishk said...
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olivia said...

lOL dId u finally make the samosas?