Any day like today


I don't know what your favorite food is.
So I think I'll learn how to make everything*, just in case it's something I've never tried.
In fact, I hope it is something I've never tried.

I hope you convince me to try lots of things that I've never tried before. And not just when it comes to food.
We can create our own little adventures, even if it's helping me to get over my fear of heights. Or getting me to eat more leafy greens.
We can share some firsts together. Like going to Africa. Or learning how to build a house. And a life.

And we can be each other's last first kiss.

*I just might not let you try my mother's or grandmother's cooking until we've been married for a little while, because they've had many more years of practice.

{i actually made this cake.
it was pretty delish.
natalie took this picture.
she's pretty awesome.}


Meg Fee said...

what a lovely, perfect little letter. i can't wait until i get my last first kiss!

dramaspice said...

That looks amazing.. Laura you're going to be the best cook