a note about what to say

Miss Meg Fee recently posted about what she called, "blogging and morality," basically discussing what one should and should not write about in that space where the whole world can read it.

I've often wondered the same thing,

Because there is only one author to this blog.
So it's bound to be a little subjective.

But that might mean that that author is portrayed in a not-so-flattering light, for fear of portraying herself in too flattering a light.

If that makes any sense.

Or maybe it just means that I write what I think and what I think is kind of jumbled sometimes and doesn't always follow a direct train of thought.

I guess what I'm trying to say or ask is: do I say too much?

And this is probably one of those questions where no one will respond. And that's alright.

But I'm curious.

So speak up, if you dare.

{In other news, I'm moved into my new apartment and I have my own room again. Which is sort of an odd feeling. I don't mind sharing a room. But I think it will be nice to have my own space,too. I'm just not used to it. Maybe that's why it's almost 3 am and I'm the last one up.}


Matt said...

I have a thought (kind of) related to this, but I'll tell you in person instead of putting it here.

Josh said...

I'm not going to lie; most of the time when people put links to other people's posts I'm just like, "Don't give me a link! Give me a freaking synopsis!" But this time I actually went and read said post link... link post... linked post... posted... whatever!!!!

Something I've pondered frequently.

Katya said...

laura, i really enjoy reading your blog and what you have to say. you know my feelings on people saying too much via blog already, and i do not believe you are part of this category. :)