I have a secret.

I don't mean to tease.
But rather, to celebrate.

To celebrate the absolute and complete freedom that comes from that little button under "settings" that says "private."

There is something therapeutic and so freeing in publishing my thoughts, with the knowledge that no one else is going to read it.

It began yesterday, with the passing thought that drafts are usually intended to be published. And I have quite a few that were never intended to be seen by anyone but me.

I had this idea of trying to write every day.
Something, anything every single day.

It's an exercise in strengthening my creative muscles.
but also.
an experiment in being real. and honest. and true to my heart.

and I think this is the "realest" I've ever been.

Hopefully, great things will come from this goal.
And I will be sure to transfer any "great things" over to this, the public side of my soul.

So stick around, because I'm not going away.

I'm just...taking a breath, and spreading my fingers a bit.

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Josh said...

I think this is a great idea. Mind if I borrow it...? ;) My Mom says I should write a book.