Is it possible to fall in love with someone's family, before you fall in love with them?

To want to be swallowed up in the chaos of a life you didn't grow up with.
To understand the inside jokes and references to family stories.
To share a last name, but not a bloodline.
And to be trusted enough to live up to that name. To know what it's like to be a "______."

I feel like I know just a bit how Lucy feels in "While You Were Sleeping," when she says "I fell in love with all of you," talking about the whole family.

It's not that I'm planning on changing my last name anytime soon.

But when I do, I want to love his family almost as much as I will love him.

And I hope that they feel the same way about me.

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pepper said...

totally know what that's like! I loved my ex's family, but you can't marry someone just becuase you love their family. can you.
Luckily I've met someone I like even more, and I think I'll love his family just as much!