If I can make this night light enough to move*

Today I felt optimistic.
About life and love.
I just had this overwhelming feeling that it's all going to turn out alright.
And that it's alright even right now.

So even in the middle of this storm of stress and unchecked to do lists and half-baked efforts at greatness, this is what keeps me going:

1. Tomorrow I get to walk onto the dance floor with one of my best friends and have SO MUCH FUN.
2. I'm too young to have regrets. And too young to be completely realistic.
3. Lots and lots of compliments on this little success.
4. I might get to sleep in on Saturday morning.
5. Aced my Media Law test. Boom baby!
6. Life is unexpected. And that is frighteningly exhilarating.
7. I only have one class tomorrow.
8. I get to check another state off my list in a couple weeks. (Tennessee, here I come!)
9. Today I felt pretty. Really pretty.

I think next semester I'm going to start clearing out some of the junk in my closet, and cover my walls in sticky notes with dreams and goals and good thoughts for myself.

Something makes me think that will be awfully fulfilling.

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*Listen to this. Now.

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