NYC: 1, LA: 0

I was planning on writing a post about how I conquered the local bus system, and finally figured out how to navigate around this little town sans roommate's car or favors from my neighbors.

But then I waited half an hour for a bus that never came (when they only come every hour anyway), and decided that my trusty little legs are better than any air-conditioned seat on a bus.

At least for now.

I'm still determined to figure out at least a couple necessary bus routes to the grocery store and other important places, but we'll save that for another day.

When people ask me where I want to intern/work after I graduate, I usually say New York City or LA, and that I'm pretty torn between the two.

But since LA means traffic and traffic means white knuckles and stress, today I'm leaning toward the Big Apple. or maybe the Windy City.


Glenn Collette said...

I know you never asked for a running vote between Chicago and NYC since both are amazing but if you are open to opinions, I would pick Chicago. A bit cheaper to live in and has some of the best museums that I have been to. They rival the National Mall in Washington D.C. Huge night life and there is the lake front next to the city. And being out there on your own or even with Britt, it would be safer and less expensive in Chicago. You could get a two room apartment just outside Chicago for the price of a closet in New York which includes 6 New Yorkers as roommates in the price. So coming from someone who has visited, stayed, and lived outside both cities, Chicago is the way to go.

Katya said...

philadelphia!!!!!! totally affordable compared to new york or boston. ;)

also, i nominated your blog for an award! more people need to read the awesomeness that are laura's posts. :)