To the boy in the computer lab:

Funny how the two of us come here almost every day,
but I don't know your name
or anything about you

Except that you probably know Excel much better than I do,
you check your email almost as much as I do
and you're a PC

If this was a romantic comedy, there would be a mix up at the printer and somehow I'd end up with your calculus review sheet, and you'd go home with my art history slide list and that would give me an excuse to talk to you.

And naturally, I'd ask you why you are taking calculus, and maybe you're a business major, or maybe you are one of those blessed souls who wants to teach 17 year olds about integrals and derivatives.
And I'd tell you that in high school, I spent the majority of my calculus experience listening to Three Days Grace on a borrowed iPod.
And you'd confess that your guilty pleasure music is Hanson post-MMMBop.

And I'd laugh.
And you'd like that.

And the beginning would really be that easy.

*meet me at the printer in 5?*


Katya said...

i think you should make this into a movie. after you make it your life :)

Jennifer--flavorsoftheumpqua said...

She who hesitates is lost. I'm sure a creative girl like you can find a way to strike up a conversation. Ask to borrow something or switch papers at the printer!

I had to deduce your dad's law school schedule and then "just happen" to be walking the opposite direction after class so I could make eye contact and smile at him. It took about a week for him to finally stop and ask for my phone number.