Little Known Facts about Laura

Hey guys..I haven't posted in a while. I'm pretty bad at posting regularly..I'll try and work on that. Anyway..just a random list:

1. My hair is naturally kind of wavy but I straighten it almost every day.
2. My left big toe is kind of crooked. I think I broke it like 9th grade year, but I never went to the doctor.
3. My eyes are light-ish brown, but sometimes they get lil green tints.
4. I secretly used to wish I was Mexican so that I wouldn't feel so dumb listening/singing along to Latin Music, dancing salsa, or trying to order in spanish at Los Dos.
5. I wish I was bilingual. I fully plan on learning another language and teaching it to my kids.
6. I'm a sucker for guys with curly hair, cute accents or chocolate brown eyes.
7. I think old guys like Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, and Robert Redford (when he was in his prime) are hunks.
8. I used to be in love with Sean Connery when he was James Bond.
9. It doesn't take much to make me cry in a movie, but in real life, it takes a lot.
10. I've never been kissed.
11. I don't really believe in teenage love.
12. The size of my derriere has been brought to my attention many times lol. It's been called a "huge butt", "bubble butt" "dancer butt", even "Latino butt". Lol.
13. I've seen almost every Mary-Kate and Ashley movie ever made. I like happy-go-lucky movies with cute guys:D
14. I still like to rock out to the Spice girls, Nsync and BSB :D.
15. I wish I was famous and rich. Lol but so that I could do something decent for other people with the money instead of buying like million dollar purses and clothes for my dog.
16. The least desirable quality in a person, in my opinion, is arrogance. It disgusts me.
17. I think sewing is fun. lol..yeah I'm a geek I know.
18. There are several guys I know that take my breath away, but they don't know it, and probably never will. (LL should know what I'm talkin about :)
19. I'm going to end this list...now. (you thought I was goin to 20 eh?)

Well that's enough for today. xoxo y'all peace-Laura

ps: my birthday is tomorrow...big 17...yikes..


hmmmm said...

18. There are several guys I know that take my breath away, but they don't know it, and probably never will. (LL should know what I'm talkin about :)

the INCREDIBLY FINE one? :) yeah.. that kids super hot. omgosh wow. i could go on about that for days. wait. i think i have. ergh. bye.
happy bday tomorrow :)

Laura Loo said...

haha yeah the incredibly fine one ....oh boy...can I have him for my birthday lol Joking!! thanks:D

laura anne :) said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! ...gosh you're old..

Laura Loo said...

thanks for reminding me lol..jk...you'll be old too soon! -LC

Diana Martínez said...

you are crazy, child.

Laura Loo said...

lol how so?

Mallorie said...

Great post, Laura. I didn't know very many of those. A lot of 'em apply to me, too!!

Happy (late) birthday!!!

Laura Loo said...

thanks mally x! You need to post! I miss your posts:( -Laura Z

Diana Martínez said...

woah! chief, is that you? ich will dein blog zu lessen. bitte?

Mallorie said...

Natuerlich darfst du mein Blog lesen. Morgen werd' ich dir die Adresse geben.


Diana said...


Ich habe Hunger.


You loser. Where are you? I haven't talked to you in a while. I owe you $2. I'll try to remember that tomorrow.