I hate the idea of impossible. For some, it is motivating. It creates a challenge; something to be overcome.

But, tonight especially, I think it is terribly hopeless. Especially when I know that while it may not actually be impossible, it has to be impossible. For me, at least. I have to make it impossible.

I'm not making any sense, I know.

It's just that, tonight, I'm feeling a little lonesome.
A little more than usual.

Oh, how I wish i knew what life had in store for me. Because it's a little bit easier to take things one day at a time, when you know that someday something wonderful will happen. Wonderful enough to make all the others worth it.

I know it's coming, eventually. I just wish I knew when...

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Josh said...

Not making any sense huh? Yeah right! I hear you loud and clear Laura! I know exactly what you're talking about. You can't hide from me. ; )

Only thing I can say is this, though it's really hard to accept, and even harder to practice, you are always guaranteed this one promise, and that promise is that in the end you will be happy. I can promise you that more than I can promise you ANYTHING ELSE in the entire world. You can find peace knowing that you are promised as a daughter of God, happiness, glory, peace, and joy beyond anything you could possible imagine. That's what's so positively AWESOME about the Gospel! Though the "crap is hitting the fan" you know that one day the clouds will part, the sun will shine, and you will find yourself more happy than you ever have been. It's called a covenant. It's so freaking AWESOME!!!!! Study it. You'll realize that though you feel lonely now, you can know that not far off you will not be lonely in the least. Just gotta do what's right. ;) Love ya Laura! Keep your chin up hun.