Vectors, guides, cloning, and spreadsheets*

I'm trying to become more technologically-savvy (and less technologically-loathing).

I'm trying my hand at graphic design, and, for once, not expecting to be great at it right away.

But I'm loving it, and let me just tell you, they call it the Creative Suite for a reason.

I'm getting my fingers wet, and it's glorious.

And it's fulfilling my number 3 on this list.

image...forthcoming...once I have something to show

*this last one just refers to me figuring out how to, once again, begin keeping track of my finances.


Katya said...

sweet! i'm a bit jealous laura, i have to admit. i think it'd be so fun to learn how to do all of that. :)

Meg Fee said...

i too am jealous!! i'd love, love, love to learn how to do graphic design.

Priscila said...

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