these lights will inspire you

I just got chills realizing that, this week, I'll be checking #6 off this list.

I've daydreamed about soaking up those big city lights since at least the first time I saw You've Got Mail.
But probably before that.

On the list of things I really want to do are, among other things:

Eating at least one hot dog every single day.
Eating legit New York pizza (my jersey girl roommate raves about it)
Finding a free concert.
Mets game.
Pretend like every night is my birthday.**

And, most importantly: live and breathe the world of advertising. visit big agencies, and little boutiques. take copious notes in the new journal I just bought, and soak up as much knowledge about this industry as my mind can contain.

And I just might buy myself a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.

**Because, oh yeah, the day after we get back I turn 22. Madness.

I won't have a ton of extra time, apart from the business of Advertising Week, but if you only had one day to do whatever you wanted in NYC, how would you spend it?

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amanda/dave said...

so fun! are you going for your major? dude! I loved new york. check out our trip there (just search new york city on our blog). If I could do one thing...I'd see a play. We didn't get to. But I loved the bridge and we didn't do much of it, but I hear the shopping is great :) have so much fuN!

Matt Chandler said...

If you're going to eat from street vendors, I'd personally suggest that you branch out from out dogs and try gyros, fallafel, and other vendor-fare (in addition to a hot dog or two). They're got some great stuff (and I don't think NY hot dogs are any better than what you can get out here). Just my thoughts. Have a great trip!!

Laura C said...

@amanda/dave Yes I am going for my major, and I'm so pumped! I just looked through your new york pics and got even more excited!

@mattchandler LOVE greek food so gyros are definitely a must. and I just really like hot dogs. and it seemed like a new york must so that's why. :) thanks for the advice!