new york

I wish I could post the few pictures I took (never been much of a picture taker, more of a picture moocher), but I don't have a camera cord with me so no luck.

This trip has been incredible. So enlightening.

When I first got to the city, I expected to be overwhelmed. with excitement. just high on life.
And I was.
But mostly, I just felt right at home.
I felt like, yeah, I could live here.

It felt comfortable and almost familiar.
Not in the sense that I'd been here before, because I haven't.
More like I felt confident in my abilities to get around and survive in the crazy concrete jungle.

I'll definitely have to write a more detailed post of what we did each day, but this is just a smattering of thoughts and reflections about the trip.

For now though,

Three things I loved:
-yummy bagels
-Shake Shack (!!)
-oddly enough, the subway. (what can I say, I'm a sucker for efficient mass transit)

Three things I didn't love so much:
-sharing a bathroom with about 20 girls
-the elevators at subway stations. they smell like urine.
-the stress of coordinating 28 opinions. love the group. just not the stress.

I will say that when we visited Wieden + Kennedy, it confirmed my thoughts that working at Wieden in Portland is my dream job.
Their culture just seems so perfect for me.

I'll write more later.
But New York, it's been great. So thanks.

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