I'm back from New York.
Back to my own bed.
Back to {trying} to eat normally and not spend all my money on hot dogs and bagels.
Back to school.
Back to real life.
Back to doing my hair {maybe} and not living out of a suitcase.

I'm happy to be back.
But I'm definitely going to miss my east coast almost home. Even if it was only for 6 days.
I'll miss street food.
I'll miss feeling like I can spend as much as I want.
I'll miss the subway.

Oh and today, well, it's my birthday. The big 22. Which really isn't as old as it sort of feels right now.

But 21 was a great year.
And I'm looking forward to discovering the 22 year old version of myself.

Here's to life.

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kara lynn said...

happy birthday dear! relish in your new york adventures! and have an extra slice of cake! or pie!?

much love,