Suitcase Heart

Loving these lyrics by the Weepies:

I held so many people in my suitcase heart
That I had to let the whole thing go

Sometimes I stretch myself too thin.
I try to be everything to everyone.
And end up losing myself and what I want.

Because sometimes it's okay to care about what I want.
And to sometimes put myself first.
Because if I don't take care of myself, how can I do anything for anybody else?

So out of the crazy, hectic, wonderful busy-ness of this semester, this is what I want:

-to create a decent start on my creative portfolio (and maybe compete in YoungGuns?)
-to get rid of a lot of stuff that I just keep lying around my house. Simplify.
-to make some good habits: eating less sugar and more vegetables, flossing, reading for fun

I love my life. I really do.
I am so blessed with so many opportunities.
But sometimes I think I need to relearn the lesson of Good, Better, Best. :

We should begin by recognizing the reality that just because something is good is not a sufficient reason for doing it. The number of good things we can do far exceeds the time available to accomplish them. Some things are better than good, and these are the things that should command priority attention in our lives.

I think sometimes I have too many good things in my life, and I neglect a few of the "Best" things.

So this semester is going to be another semester of learning. Because that's what education is about.
Not just books.
Or tests.*
It's about life.
And learning how to do it right.

*like the one I need to be studying for right now.

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