Subways, sweet potatoes and an apartment that is way too nice

Since Wednesday, I have:

Spent a night at the International House of Columbia University
Hauled all my bags/luggage up and down subway stairs and finally moved into a new apartment
Walked all around Central Park, 5th Avenue, and Spanish Harlem
Eaten delicious southern cuisine at Amy Ruth's restaurant
Went grocery shopping and bought some pricey organic produce
Walked the High Line and explored Chelsea Market
Found my way home on the subway all by myself.

It's already been an adventure, and I love it! Sometime I'll try to post pictures (but that would involve me actually remembering to bring my camera with me, first).

Our apartment is so nice. I feel like we're being spoiled by this summer because if I end up moving here for good, there is no way I'll be able to afford a place like this.

I love seeing so many different people and walks of life, and exploring this huge island. There really is no place like New York, New York.

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Katya said...

Yay New York! I want to see photos of your apartment!!! (and of you being adventurous!)