Я люблю Вас, Кристина

My sister, Christine, left today. She flys from Portland to Charleston, South Carolina. Then she'll go to Washington, D.C. and then fly to Moscow, Russia. She's studying abroad there for this upcoming school year. I won't see her for 10 months. I'll miss her so much. I know she will have a wonderful time. When she comes back, she'll be able to speak Russian fluently, and will have learned so much.

I've seen several great movies recently. On Sunday, I watched "Bride and Prejudice" with my mom and sister. It's very good. It's basically the same story as Pride and Prejudice, but set in Amritsar, India. It's a musical and the music is great. Then, on Wednesday, I saw Phantom of the Opera, for the first time. Amazing. I grew up listening to the songs from the musical, but the movie is terrific. The actress who plays Christine, Emmy Rossum, does wonderful job. She has a beautiful voice. And Yesterday, I watched Rocky (the original), I've seen it before, but it's very good as well.

I've always been a fan of music from other countries, in other languages, but lately I've been getting into Indian music. It's really pretty and good dance music. I love latin music as well. I've always wanted to learn how to latin dance. It looks like so much fun. Well I'm going to go. peace-Laura

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the other one.. said...

im glad you finally saw phantom of the opera, its def. a favorite with me :)