Who knows where I was goin with this...

I feel the need to update, yet I don't know what about. No big life-changing experiences have happened to me lately, no spiritual epiphanies, or monumental moments. Oh! I just got an idea. I feel a list coming on...

Monumental Moments to Make the Most of (like the alliteration?)

1.First Kiss (duh!, but it seems like most people don't have a "Cinderella First Kiss" story.)

2.First Day of School (I know I said the "s" word during Summer, but we really should make the most of this day that only happens once a year. Its a time for new beginnings, and fresh starts.)

3.Traveling (Especially out of the country. See all the "touristy" places, but don't turn down a chance to see what the people there are like, and learn about their culture.)

4.Opportunities to Volunteer and Help others (It always makes me feel good when you're thinking of someone besides myself.)

5.Meeting new people (Everyone has something unique to teach. If we take the chance to listen, we can learn something new.)

6.Sharing Our Talents (That one is always hard for me, because I get terribly nervous when it comes to performing in front of an audience. But I guess its just one of those things that gets easier the more you do it.)

7.Learning a New Skill (Give 100% in everything. Either hate it or love it.)

8.I couldn't think of a good one for number 8. :p lol

9.Complimenting Others. (I dont know that many people that get mad, when given compliments.)

10.Expressing appreciation for the efforts of others (magic words=please & thank you)

Sorry if it sounds like I'm preaching. I didn't mean it like that. I just felt like making a list. Anyway..enjoy..~peace-Laura

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